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          • 冲浪

          The 2018/2019 school year marks the 23rd year of the St. Augustine High School & Academy of Our Lady of Peace Surf Team. The program is moderated by Deacon Hardick and coached by Julia Mekrut, Christina Harmes OLP ’03, Jim Eischen ’80, Kevin Flynn, Carmine Rocci ’68, and Jim Shaw ’71 who together have many years of recreational and competitive surfing experience.

          DURING SEASON: The Saints & OLP Surf Team is an established club for students of all levels of surfing abilities. This season over 50 students from Saints and OLP are currently participating in the program. Participating members may receive PE credit (as defined by eligibility standards), and competitors may receive a Saints Athletic Letter (as defined by eligibility standards). Families, friends, and 校友 are invited to join our Saturday morning practices held at La Jolla Shores at 8 AM.

          球队在竞争5冲浪通过学术冲浪系列每一季满足 - 西部冲浪协会的四处。对队主场迎战小组开会,包括赛季赛程的更多信息,请访问://surfsss.org/2018-19-contest-schedule-results/

          淡季:该方案鼓励其成员谁不参加弹簧运动协力与游泳队 - 保持学生的身体和精神上都适合和在被水包围的城市提高他们的经验。


          在推特上关注我们: //twitter.com/staolpsurfteam


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